Brick Scentsy vs Bar Scentsy in Detail: From Features to Best Uses Featured Image

Brick Scentsy vs Bar Scentsy in Detail: From Features to Best Uses

In the world of fragrant waxes, two products stand out in popularity and utility: Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy. This article delves into their distinctive features, offering insights into which might be the best fit for specific situations and preferences.

What is Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy?

Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy are two distinct fragrance products offered by Scentsy, a popular brand known for its range of scented products. Brick Scentsy is a larger block of scented wax designed for users who want a longer-lasting fragrance option or use scented wax more frequently. It typically weighs around one pound. On the other hand, Bar Scentsy is a segmented block of scented wax, divided into smaller cubes. These cubes are designed to be broken off and used individually, allowing users to determine the amount of fragrance they wish to release, which provides flexibility in controlling the intensity and duration of the scent.

What is the Main Difference Between Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy?

The main difference between Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy is that Brick Scentsy is considerably larger, typically weighing around one pound, and is designed for those who desire a longer-lasting fragrance option. On the other hand, Bar Scentsy comes in smaller, segmented cubes, allowing users to choose the amount they wish to melt, providing flexibility in controlling the intensity and duration of the scent. Both products offer a variety of fragrances, but their size and form factor cater to different usage preferences and needs.

Key Differences Between Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy

  1. Size and Weight: Brick Scentsy is substantially larger than Bar Scentsy.
  2. Duration: Due to its size, Brick Scentsy can last longer than Bar Scentsy when used continuously.
  3. Flexibility: Bar Scentsy’s segmented cubes allow for easy portioning and intensity control.
  4. Packaging: Brick Scentsy often comes in a more robust packaging due to its size, whereas Bar Scentsy has a more compact design.
  5. Price Point: Brick Scentsy, being larger, typically has a higher price point than Bar Scentsy.
  6. Target Audience: Brick Scentsy is catered to heavy users or those desiring longer-lasting fragrances, while Bar Scentsy is more suitable for casual or infrequent users.
  7. Availability: Sometimes, certain fragrances might be available in one format but not the other.
  8. Ease of Storage: Due to its smaller size, Bar Scentsy is easier to store in various locations compared to Brick Scentsy.
  9. Melting Time: Brick Scentsy generally takes a longer time to melt entirely compared to Bar Scentsy due to its larger size.

Key Similarities Between Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy

  1. Brand: Both products are from the Scentsy brand.
  2. Wax Composition: Both are made of high-quality wax designed for slow, consistent melting.
  3. Usage: Both are designed to be melted to release fragrance into the environment.
  4. Variety of Fragrances: Both Brick and Bar Scentsy are available in a wide range of fragrances.
  5. Safety: Both products are formulated to melt at a low temperature, minimizing the risk of burns.
  6. Purpose: Both are meant to provide a fragrant ambiance to homes or other spaces.
  7. Quality: Both maintain the brand’s reputation for delivering high-quality fragrance experiences.

Features of Brick Scentsy vs. Bar Scentsy

  1. Size: Brick Scentsy is notably larger in comparison to Bar Scentsy, providing more wax and consequently a longer scent duration.
  2. Form Factor: While both products come in block form, Bar Scentsy is segmented into smaller, detachable cubes, whereas Brick Scentsy is a single, larger block.
  3. Duration of Scent: Due to its volume, Brick Scentsy can offer a fragrance experience that lasts significantly longer than that of Bar Scentsy when used consistently.
  4. Melting Time: Bar Scentsy cubes generally melt faster, providing a quicker aroma release, whereas Brick Scentsy, given its size, takes longer to melt entirely.
  5. Packaging: Given its size, Brick Scentsy tends to have sturdier packaging, while Bar Scentsy’s packaging is more compact and streamlined.
  6. Price Point: Brick Scentsy, being larger, usually carries a higher price tag than Bar Scentsy. However, the cost per ounce might be comparable or even favor Brick Scentsy in some cases.
  7. Flexibility: Bar Scentsy offers greater flexibility for users wanting to mix and match fragrances or adjust the scent intensity by choosing the number of cubes to melt.

Advantages of Brick Scentsy Over Bar Scentsy

  1. Duration: Brick Scentsy provides a longer-lasting scent experience due to its larger size.
  2. Economical for Heavy Users: Those who use scented wax frequently might find Brick Scentsy to be more cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Consistent Fragrance Release: With its extended melting time, Brick Scentsy can offer a more consistent scent throw over extended periods.
  4. Reduced Frequency of Replacement: Given its size, users won’t have to replace Brick Scentsy as often as Bar Scentsy.
  5. Value Proposition: Per ounce, Brick Scentsy might offer better value for money compared to smaller units like Bar Scentsy.
  6. Ideal for Large Spaces: Due to its longer-lasting scent release, Brick Scentsy is suitable for larger rooms or spaces.

Drawbacks of Brick Scentsy When Compared to Bar Scentsy

  1. Portability and Storage: Brick Scentsy’s larger size can make it less convenient to store or transport.
  2. Initial Cost: The upfront cost for Brick Scentsy might be higher than buying a Bar Scentsy.
  3. Flexibility: Bar Scentsy offers more flexibility in portioning, allowing users to use as many or as few cubes as desired.
  4. Melting Time: It generally takes longer for Brick Scentsy to melt completely compared to Bar Scentsy.
  5. Intensity Control: Bar Scentsy allows users to control the intensity of the scent by choosing the number of cubes to melt.
  6. Variety: Users might be more inclined to purchase multiple Bar Scentsy fragrances due to the lower cost and try different scents, whereas with Brick Scentsy, they might stick to one fragrance for a longer time.

Advantages of Bar Scentsy Over Brick Scentsy

  1. Flexibility: Bar Scentsy’s segmented cubes allow users to determine the amount of fragrance they wish to release, granting control over scent intensity.
  2. Portability: The smaller size of Bar Scentsy makes it easier to transport or move around compared to Brick Scentsy.
  3. Variety: Due to a more affordable price point, users can purchase multiple Bar Scentsy fragrances, enabling them to enjoy a range of scents.
  4. Quick Melting: Bar Scentsy typically melts faster than Brick Scentsy, providing a quicker fragrance experience.
  5. Storage: Its compact size means Bar Scentsy is simpler to store in various locations, even in smaller spaces.
  6. Lower Initial Investment: The upfront cost for a Bar Scentsy is generally less than that of a Brick Scentsy.

Drawbacks of Bar Scentsy When Compared to Brick Scentsy

  1. Duration: Due to its smaller size, Bar Scentsy may not last as long as Brick Scentsy when used continuously.
  2. Economy for Frequent Users: Heavy users might find Bar Scentsy less cost-effective in the long run compared to Brick Scentsy.
  3. Consistent Fragrance Release: The smaller size means the scent might not be as consistent over extended periods as with Brick Scentsy.
  4. Frequency of Replacement: Users might find themselves replacing Bar Scentsy more often than Brick Scentsy.
  5. Value Proposition for Heavy Users: Per ounce, frequent users might get better value from Brick Scentsy compared to Bar Scentsy.
  6. Suitability for Larger Spaces: The scent throw from Bar Scentsy might not be as strong or lasting for larger rooms compared to Brick Scentsy.

Circumstances Favoring the Use of Brick Scentsy Over Bar Scentsy

  1. Extended Use: For individuals who prefer their spaces to be fragranced for prolonged durations without frequent replacements.
  2. Larger Spaces: Brick Scentsy is better suited for areas like open-concept homes or bigger rooms due to its longer-lasting scent release.
  3. Consistent Fragrance: For those who desire a more consistent scent throw over extended periods.
  4. Economic Considerations: For frequent users, the cost per ounce might render Brick Scentsy more cost-effective in the long run.
  5. Gift Giving: Its size and presentation can make Brick Scentsy a more substantial gift option.
  6. Fewer Fragrance Changes: Ideal for those who have a favorite scent and do not wish to switch fragrances frequently.

Circumstances Favoring the Use of Bar Scentsy Over Brick Scentsy

  1. Experimentation: For individuals who enjoy trying out a variety of fragrances without a significant investment.
  2. Short-Term Use: Suitable for events or situations where fragrance is required for a limited duration.
  3. Portability: Its smaller size makes Bar Scentsy more convenient for travel or moving between spaces.
  4. Scent Intensity Control: Ideal for those who want to adjust the strength of the fragrance by selecting the number of cubes to melt.
  5. Limited Storage: If storage space is a concern, the compact nature of Bar Scentsy is advantageous.
  6. Budget Considerations: For those who prefer a lower upfront cost, even if it might mean more frequent replacements.
  7. Gifting Multiple Fragrances: Allows for gifting a variety of fragrances in smaller units, offering a broader scent experience.


How often should I replace my Brick Scentsy or Bar Scentsy?

Typically, the fragrance from each cube of Bar Scentsy lasts approximately 8-12 hours. Given the size differences, a Brick Scentsy might last several days if used continuously. However, the frequency of replacement depends on individual scent preferences and the desired intensity.

Can I combine different scents using both Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy?

Yes, many users enjoy mixing and matching fragrances to create custom blends. While Bar Scentsy cubes offer a more straightforward method for blending due to their segmented nature, you can also shave or cut off portions of Brick Scentsy to mix with other scents.

Is there a difference in the quality of fragrance between Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy?

No, the quality of the fragrance is consistent between both forms. The primary difference is the size and duration of scent release.

How should I store unused portions of my Scentsy products?

Both Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keeping them in their original packaging can also help retain the fragrance’s potency.

Are there any safety concerns associated with using these products?

Always use Scentsy products as directed. Ensure the wax melters or warmers are placed on a heat-resistant surface, away from flammable items. Children and pets should not have access to the warmers when in use.

Brick Scentsy vs Bar Scentsy Summary

After diving deep into the nuances of Brick Scentsy and Bar Scentsy, it’s evident that both products have their merits. While Brick Scentsy offers extended fragrance duration suitable for larger spaces and longer use, Bar Scentsy provides flexibility and convenience, especially for those keen on experimenting with varied fragrances. Choosing between the two ultimately depends on individual needs, but with the knowledge from this comparison, making an informed decision is now more straightforward.

Aspect/CategoryBrick ScentsyBar Scentsy
SizeLarger, providing more wax.Smaller, segmented into detachable cubes.
Duration of ScentLonger-lasting scent due to greater volume.Typically lasts 8-12 hours per cube.
Melting TimeTakes longer to melt entirely due to its size.Melts quickly, providing a faster aroma release.
FlexibilitySuitable for those who prefer consistent and longer-lasting scents.Allows users to mix, match, and control scent intensity by choosing the number of cubes to melt.
Price PointGenerally higher due to size. Might offer better cost per ounce for frequent users.Lower upfront cost. More frequent replacement might be needed.
Situations Favoring Use– Extended use
– Larger spaces
– Fewer fragrance changes.
– Experimentation with various fragrances
– Short-term use
– Limited storage.
Pros– Lasts longer
– Suitable for bigger rooms
– More cost-effective for heavy users.
– More variety
– Faster melting
– Compact and portable.
Cons– Takes longer to melt
– Less flexibility in mixing fragrances.
– Might not last as long
– Might not be as cost-effective for frequent users in the long run.
SimilaritiesBoth are fragrant wax products and offer a variety of scents.Both can be melted to release fragrances and have a consistent quality of scent.
DifferencesSingle, larger block of wax.Segmented into smaller cubes.
Features– Longer-lasting fragrance
– Sturdier packaging.
– Allows for more variety and flexibility
– More compact packaging.
Brick Scentsy vs Bar Scentsy Summary

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